Holset turbo installation guide

Before installation replace all filters. Air, oil, and fuel.

Remove and change engine oil.

Clean all pipes going to turbo. Check all air hoses for damage, replace if necessary.

Check for any foreign objects.

Clean the air box thoroughly.

Inspect and clean or replace the engine breather.

Remove and replace old gasket material from manifold.

Sonic clean old oil feed line or replace with new one.

Oil feed line needs to be 4AN unrestricted for all Holset turbos.

Oil return fitting should have 19mm opening into 3/4” or 12AN fitting.

Hx30 Super oil feed fitting needs to be drilled out to 5mm at the back of the fitting.

TD42 naturally aspirated engines run the oil feed line from the oil pressure sender located

next to the oil filters. Not above the left engine mount, there is not enough oil supply from

there. (Our oil line kit for TD42 NA engines is designed to feed from oil pressure sender)

Oil return line needs to be minimum 3/4" or 12AN and return to the sump above oil level.

TD42T factory turbo engines, use original spot for oil feed and oil return.

To clock the turbo slightly loosen the V band in the middle and spin the turbo so oil feed

faces up and return down. Make sure it sits level and straight, tighten the nut back up.

Some turbos have bolts and plates, remove the bolts and plates, and clock the turbo. Refit plates and bolts.

To clock the compressor housing there is snap ring behind the compressor housing.

Remove the snap ring and spin compressor housing to desired position.

Fit snap ring back and tap gently around the snap ring make sure it has seated properly.

Before first start disconnect the fuel stop solenoid plug located at the back of injector pump.

Crank the engine few times to prime the turbo and build oil pressure. Reconnect the

solenoid plug and start it.

Most turbos come pre-set at 20psi. Check boost level against accurate boost gauge.

They have adjustable wastegate. To run less boost, loosen the actuator rod and to increase the boost tighten the actuator rod. 

I hope you enjoy your new Holset turbo.