Hi, I am Sinisa, owner of SINS4X4. That explains a bit how the name came about. Not many people can pronounce my name so they just call me Sin.
From a young age, like most guys I have always loved cars, bikes, boats and anything with an engine really. Those that know me would say I am a bit OCD when it comes to cars. I like to use quality parts and I like things to be done properly. I would like to bring those same attributes to SINS4X4 and offer quality and reliable products at competitive prices. With our lifestyle I believe that is very important, because we do travel to some very remote places and we need the parts we can count on to take us there and bring us back home. Good quality parts and regular maintenance helps prevent on track repairs or keep them to a minimum.

Always happy to talk about cars, parts and modifications, so if you need a hand with anything please get in touch with SINS4x4.