Holset HX30 Super



Genuine Holset HX30w SUPER

TD42 1HZ 1HDT 4BT Cummins

Great for diesel engines 3.0L to 4.5L.

The biggest from the HX30 turbo range.

Up to 220hp on a TD42.

Not only do they perform well, they sound good too...

T3 Flange.

Comp wheel 46mm.

4" intake.

Internal wastegate.

6cm2 turbine housing.

Turbine wheel 52mm.

V band turbine outlet.

V band compressor outlet.

Check out our store for HX30 super fitting accessories.

If fitting to a Patrol low mount manifold you will need 6mm T3 spacer to clear the manifold.

12 months warranty.

Don't be fooled by cheap knock offs! The photos of turbos you see is exactly what you will receive!




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